Naturist friendly resorts and beaches on Lanzarote

Nudist Resort Charco del Palo Lanzarote, officially approved

Lanzarote is very popular with nudists for its many nudist beaches. Unique, however, is the officially approved nudist area Charco del Palo, often referred to as Castillo de Papagayo.

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Information on nude bathing and naturism on Lanzarote in general and in the nudist area around Charco del Palo in particular we offer on this webpage. You will also find detailed descriptions of beaches tolerated by naturists, detailed weather information and galleries with pictures of the volcanic island of Lanzarote. Of course, we also offer you beautiful and well-kept apartments, cottages and villas with personal care. But you do not have to be a nudist to enjoy a successful holiday here.

Nudist Bathing Beaches on Lanzarote

Information on nude bathing beaches on Lanzarote

Information about nudism and nude bathing in Lanzarote. Tips for the most beautiful nude bathing beaches.
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Naturist Holiday Area Charco del Palo

Information about the only officially approved nudist area of the Canary Islands

In the only officially approved naturist area of Lanzarote you are allowed to be naturally naked!
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The official Nudism Resort Charco del Palo is a place where you can be completely natural and of course naked! Or not, because here in Charco del Palo, being naked is not compulsory. Everyone as he wants.

On our photo tours over the island, we always discover beautiful places, often very remote. At first glance, they are inconspicuous places where visitors to the island pass by on their vacation, without knowing their particularity. Of course we also show photo spreads of the better known locations in Lanzarote. All pictures of Lanzarote that we show here have been photographed in places that are freely accessible.

Special Pictures of Lanzarote

Pictures of places in Lanzarote that not everyone knows.

Pictures of special places in Lanzarote that tourists rarely see.
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Take a look at our wide range of well-kept holiday homes within and outside the nudist area. You may decide, even if you are not a nudist, to spend your holidays here in this quiet, very beautiful place.

Holiday Rentals in Charco del Palo

Bungalows for a nice holiday in Charco del Palo

Well maintained, beautiful Bungalows and Apartments by the sea in the holiday area Charco del Palo.


EXCLUSIVE! Holiday Bungalow with Pool

Holiday bungalow with private swimming pool

Beautiful, top-equipped holiday bungalow with private pool in the resort of Charco del Palo.
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Affordable Rental Cars

Well-maintained, low-priced car hire from the local car rental company

Affordable, well-maintained rental cars with uncomplicated handling from local car rental.
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