Beaches and Resorts for Naturist in Lanzarote

Infos from personal experience about the naturism in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is known for its many naturist facilities. This, however, relates primarily to the Charco del Palo naturist area in the north of the island. The nudist area of Charco del Palo for over 30 years practicing nudist. Already in 1980 the city officially granted the state nudist approval. The only nudist approval by the way, which ever issued in the Canary Islands.

Nude in public

In Spain Nudism is another of your Rights. At this time there is freedom of nudism in any public area in Spain and no authorization is required. Beaches, rivers, lakes, open fields, tracks, roads, streets, squares, parks, etc. are public areas in Spain. According to the current legislation, nudism cannot be limited, nor sanctioned and even less so forbidden. (Source: www.naturismo.org/introe.html)

The Spanish Naturist Federation Federación Española de Naturismo (FEN) has a brochure on this subject in English and Spanish available on its Website, which we have linked here. Please support the FEN and inform your naturist acquaintances about the contents of this brochure by either download the PDF web version and photocopying this one.

In Spain, it is not forbidden to show themselves naked in public. But it's still useful and appropriate, to respect the sensitivities of local residents. Move around naked in Lanzarote only at the beaches below and in the nudist area of Charco del Palo.

Nudist beaches in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a large number of beautiful beaches, most with very fine sand. The color of the sand varies from beach to beach. There are beaches with dazzling white sand to find as the "Caletones" in the north near Órzola.

Casual naked on the beaches in Lanzarote

Many beaches in the colors of light yellow to brown and some dark black as the beaches of "Playa de Janubio" on the west coast. With the exception of the beaches in the immediate vicinity of the holiday hot spots Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise. The beaches are natural and not crowded.

At all the beaches of Lanzarote nudist is not approved, but is tolerated at some beaches in some areas. You should always bear in mind as a holiday maker. As the local population of course their own beaches also like to visit, special consideration is required for nude bathing. While there are more and more Spaniards and Lanzaroteñas who are topless on the beach. "Completely naked" lean on but most locals. A bathing suit should therefore also the nudists always be in a beach bag just in case.

Nude bathing on beaches in Lanzarote

The beaches where naturism is tolerated, are usually only accessible on dirt to reach bad runs with the car. Please note, that prohibit the terms of the rental car rentals driving on unmade roads and tracks. This damage is not covered.

Here are direct links to the descriptions of the beautiful beaches where naturism is tolerated:


Satellite image of Lanzarote with nudist beaches

Satellite image of the beaches for nudists

Marker Legend

red"C": Charco del Palo, officially approved naturist area
green"1": Playas de Papagayo - Nudism is tolerated on two beaches
green"2": Playa de Famara - Nudism is tolerated
green"3": Caletones de Órzola - Nudism is tolerated on two beaches
green"4": Playa de la Canteria - Nudism is tolerated